“Cellulite” is a popular term used to describe the dimpled type of fat deposit found most commonly on the hips and thighs. In more severe cases it is found on the abdomen, arms and calves. The warped pockets of irregularities which make “cellulite” so difficult to lose are both visual and textural. Cellulite” is accompanied by fluid retention, and is resistant to traditional diet and exercise programs.

The fact that ” cellulite” is different from regular fat is documented by several medical studies. Dr. Fried at Rockefeller University proved that women store more fat in the thigh area than any other area, and that it is only burned efficiently during breast feeding . American Dermatologist Karen Burke M.D. proved that these enlarged fat cells in a woman’s thighs are the cause of buckling of the tissues around and beneath the fat.


The causes are many….Heredity, The Birth Control Pill, Pregnancy, Excessive Dairy Products, Poor Digestion, Constipation, Fatigue, Slow Metabolism, Poor Circulation, and Prolonged Stress or Anxiety. Once embedded, “cellulite” perpetuates itself through a vicious cycle of ever more buckling of the surrounding tissues and more fat cell enlargement.


At Beverly Hills Weight Management, recovery from “Cellulite” occurs in four distinct stages.
Stage 1 legs are the most severe. They are hard, compacted and densely pitted. It’s dense appearance is often mistaken for solid muscle tone. This commonly occurs in women who have unwittingly made it worse by over exercising. A woman who begins treatments with stage 1 legs will progress to Stage 2.

In Stage 2, the legs look temporarily worse, with a clumpy, uneven appearance and texture. Many women with “cellulite” begin their treatments with Stage 2 legs.

As the treatments continue and the results progress, Stage 3 will be achieved. At this stage the legs look noticeably improved and smoother. There will be a measurable inch loss, and more shape to the legs, especially in the lower thigh. The texture of the remaining fat layer is, however soft and loose.

Stage 4 the loose fat layer is reduced, and “cellulite” is no longer visibly obvious.


Vacusage!! Vacusage is a therapeutic treatment that progressively wears the “cellulite” down with a combination of heat and vacuum cupping. It emulsifies the fat cells, and smoothes out the surrounding area which is warped and buckled. Vacusage enables these stubborn fat deposits to be transported to the lymphatic system. This treatment combined with EMS and or Leg Rejuvenation will speed up your results.


Most Definitely. Dietary guidelines will be provided. On the day of your vacusage treatment, a special 24 hour fat free menu plan will be followed.


It is difficult to determine the number of vacusage treatments you will require because we are all biochemically different. The severity of the deposits, age, use of the birth control pill, stress level, number of pregnancies, lifestyle, diet history, liver and bowel function, body type, circulation, type of exercise routine and weight are all contributing factors. This is like asking how many massages it will take to get rid of all the stress and tension accumulated in your muscles. While the massage reduces stress, you continue to cope with the stressors that caused the tension. It is the same with cellulite. If you have a tendency towards cellulite, and have the vacusage treatments that we offer, while overeating rich foods, your results will be dimished.

Vacusage is not the type of treatment that you try a couple of treatments to see if the it will work. The results cannot be judged in just a few sessions. IT DOES WORK. Vacusage in combination with dietary guidelines and specific nutritional supplements steadily and progressively reduce cellulite. However, we cannot guarantee your desired results with a specific number of vacusage treatments. We can only advise you that your legs will go through the process of cellulite recovery from Stage 1 to 2, then Stage 3 to 4. Continuing vacusage treatments create healthier, smoother, younger looking legs. The process is cumulative, but only you can decide how far you wish to take this process.


Vacusage treatments produce extremely long lasting results, as long as the factors that caused the cellulite in the first place are minimized. Cellulite will return with dietary abuse, however with the information that we provide to you about proper care, dietary lifestyle changes, specific leg exercise routines and periodic maintenance treatments—your legs will stay young and healthy.

Vacusage Testimonials

When I was a young girl I had one dimple on each of my cheeks and everyone would tell me “what cute dimples you have”. As I matured I noticed the dimples on my legs……..not so cute!! I started having my vac usage treatments and by summer time I could wear skirts and my swimsuit and not worry about my “leg dimples”. Now my legs are smooth and look great, just as good as any 23 year old…yes they look that good. Now it’s time to think of “YOU”. So when your family asks what you would like for Christmas, Birthday or Mothers Days you tell then you would like some vacusge treatments at Beverly Hills Weight Management.
Abby Chautems


For many years I struggled with cellulite specifically in the thighs and buttocks.  I tried many different diets and exercise, with no results.  A friend of mine recommended I speak to Marion at Beverly Hills Weight Management.   That was 4 years ago and my legs have improved drastically.  The use of vacusage on my troubled areas has reduced the cellulite and improved the appearance of my legs.   Together with a balanced and healthy diet, and through regular sessions, I have maintained this appearance.  This past summer, I noticed my daughter Angelica had started to get some dimpling in her thighs.  Knowing that this is a hereditary condition, Angelica began her vacusage treatments and has had very positive results.  It has boosted her confidence.  We now look forward to our treatments as mother and daughter because they make us feel great .  It’s like going to the spa!!!!

Franca and Angelica