Electro Muscle Stimulation

Miracles can happen!

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) was originally developed over 30 years ago in order to rehabilitate injured or diseased muscles. Currently, a similar system is being used by Physiotherapists and Chiropractors to recondition and strengthen injured muscles.
This method of treatment gives a greater amount of exercise than you could possibly acheive on your own in same time.

Benefits of EMS Treatments are:

~ Improve overall strengthening of muscles
~ Improved circulation
~ Improve Lymphatic circulation and decreased fluid retention
~ Improve fat metabolism
~ Reduce the appearance of Cellulite
~ Improves energy levels and overall fitness
~ Improves posture
~ Reduces “pot belly” and “saddle bags”
~ Lifts derrieres

Each 40 minutes treatment is the equivalent of 9 hours of exercise. The 36 pad EMS Equipment delivers the same amount as:

~ 5 miles of jogging
~ 1000 leg lifts, scissor kicks
~ 3000 sit-ups

In addition, it can work up to 18 different muscle groups at once.                                                                                           Treatments are pre-booked at a rate of two per week, with at least one day between treatments and no other exercise on the same day as a scheduled treatment. In order to maintain your results all you need is an exercise program of one half hour, 3 times a week or one EMS treatment a week.

You recieve your treatment while you are relaxing comfortably under a heating
blanket in complete privacy. EMS pads are placed on the body in relation
to muscle and bone, and according to your body type (where you want to
tone up). Through the pad, a small impulse is delivered to the muscle,
stimulating it to contract and relax, thereby delivering concentrated isometric
exercise to the area.

This program is ideal for:
• People who can not exercise due to injury or illness such as
– back problems, arthritis, fibromyalgia
• People who find it difficult to get enough exercise in
their busy lifestyles
• “spot toning” problem areas.
• Athletes can use treatment in addition to an already existing exercise program to
build stamina
• Complimenting cardiovascular workouts, to give a long lean look
• Complimenting to Nutritional Counselling in order to help
fat metabolism, cellulite and overall health and fitness

EMS is a comfortable and relaxing way to get your body the excercise it
needs with results of a drop of 1-2  sizes in 5 weeks.

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